Karelin Republic, Petrozavodsk, Drevlyanskaya naberezhnaya, 22a, office №16 (The building of the Kim Andreev Republican junior ecological and biological Centre)
Phone number: +79062061212 (Darya Makovetskaya, chief)
E-mail: dobrocentr@gmail.com
Vk.com: dobrocentr10

Who we are?
We are Karelian regional public youth organization “Volunteering development Centre”.We are a team of young and energetic people, who merged by common idea! We have been working actively since December of 2009.Since the beginning of 2010 our organization has been member of IAVE (International Association for Volunteer Effort.
What do we want?
For us it’s important  to at any time anyone can help those, who really need help. Therefore, we develop volunteering, including education for youngsters, involving them in social practice. We combine efforts of public organizations, authorities, governmental and municipal agencies and media in the interests of increasing of standards of living.
Where are we from?
Our organization didn’t arise spontaneously. Each member of the team has experience in volunteering, someone has longer expirience, and someone very small. The idea of creating of Karelian Centre of volunteering development lives in the Republic of Karelia for quite some time. Back in 2005 in Petrozavodsk a partnership between the two non-commercial organizations Center “Iniciativa” and fund “Uteshenie” was established. This partnership implemented the program of development of volunteering in Karelia over five years.What are we doing?
We inform young people about volunteering through different forms, relevant in young environment.
The main idea is the following: to introduce to youngsters social important organizations of Karelia; to make an opportunity to young people show their interest in the development of our region; to find the way in future job or volunteering; to find new friends. Out projects in this way are following: “Experiment dobra”, “Dobry quest”, “Igry dobrovolcev”.
Also, we elaborate educational programs to train volunteers and staff of organizations, working with them.Now we elaborate and approve educational programs for volunteers and organizations.
In future, we plan to organize regular seminars, trainings for youth and organizations. Our organization engaged preparation of volunteer team for Universiade in Kazan, Olympic torch relay, international sled dog race.
We create and carry on the data bank about need of volunteers in non-commercial and governmental organizations, and data bank of volunteers.
Database of volunteers’ vacancies helps to find operative types of volunteering for young people. At this site the electronic map of good deeds is working, where anyone can choose the organization and help to it.
We elaborate documents, regulating the relationship between volunteers and recipients of their services.
Volunteering is also job! In order to protect the volunteer and recipient of volunteers’ service, staff of Centre elaborates “Statute about volunteers”, agreement on rendering volunteer services. Also, we are operators of project “Lichnaya knizhka volontera” (Personal Volunteer’ resume).
We realize international volunteering projects in the territory of Karelia.
We invite volunteers from different countries to Karelia for combined realization of social projects. In 2013 volunteer team of Karelia participated in the 27th Summer Universide in Kazan, met Olympic torch relay in Petrozavodsk, etc.
We support our volunteers and help them in the realization of their projects.
Staff of Centre organizes help in realization of volunteer projects, advises them in the development of ideas. Each idea of youth, directed to positive changes in society, gets supporting of Centre and becomes a reality.